I don’t mind injuries. I mean I do, obviously, nobody likes being in pain; but I think getting injured is an intrinsic part of »

`Class PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase could not be found` when installing CakePHP through Composer

Recently Mark Story (one of CakePHP’s main guys) wrote a great article about how to install CakePHP with Composer. I ran into an issue »

Understanding `required` and `allowEmpty` in CakePHP validation rules

One of the most confusing things about CakePHP’s validation rules is the meaning of the required and (especially) allowEmpty flags. Therefore I figured I& »

Knee surgery

A week ago yesterday, I was cut upen. Although this story is far from unique I figured I’d share how I got there and »

Globally parsing JSON error responses with `jQuery.ajax()`

Proper RESTful API’s use status codes to indicate the result of requests. This means that for PUT/PATCH requests a 400 Bad Request or »

Good programmers are lazy

A while ago I realized that in order to be a good programmer, you need, to some degree, be lazy. Actually I think this might apply »

The bus

Now that I can’t ride my bicycle (a big deal here in Amsterdam), I have to take the bus to SRXP every day. I »

Metaphoric ... in Git.

After a while of having Metaphoric lay dormant (the last thing I posted was back in 2011), I started thinking about what I could improve in »

Short accoustic performance

Yesterday, me and my friend Joris performed two accoustic covers at a fundraiser. Me and Joris hadn’t played together before, we actually started practicing »

Ben Howard - Everything Cover

I created a new cover today of Ben Howard’s beautiful song "Everything". Check it out on YouTube: »