I remember thinking...

Posted by on February 18, 2011 · 1 min read

…​wow, that’s like, basic probability theory! I am so doing this right. And so, I switched.

Context: I dreamt I was in a game show. The host looked like the voiceover guy from one of those old computer racegames: large round glasses, thick curled chestnut brown hair; didn’t have to hear him speak to know he was probably an asshole. I was given a choice of three doors: waiting behind one of them was a life without sorrow. After picking a door the host would be so kind to point out one door that did not hold the candy, after which I’d be allowed to switch. Classic Monty Hall problem.

So, I did it right. As right as theoretically possible. But that cheating bastard of a host picked the right door himself.

"You might just have made the right decision, why take that chance?"

Heaven forbid I’d ever win something inside my own head.