Elte - Heart

Posted by on July 08, 2011 · 2 mins read

I took a few hours today to record a song with my still fairly new piano. Here it is on SoundCloud:


My heavy heart’s a chandelier
It carries you around like a candle
but please don't light a fire in here
it might be more than I can handle

My empty heart is like a hotel
where you would sleep, though I don’t know you very well
And when you left your room last night
you kind of left a mess inside

Yeah you did a number on my heart
not so much that it fell apart but it is scarred
because I tried, tried, tried,
about as hard as I could’ve tried
and I thought I might just get something out of it
this time, this time
I really though I got through to you this time

My stupid heart just didn’t know
That it was gonna end like that
It never thought that you would go
despite the differences we had

Oh it's showing cracks where are you now?
Could you hand it back to me somehow?
Te way it was before I tried, tried, tried,
not to get too caught up thought I might, might, might,
might just get something out of it
this time, this time,
I really thought that I would get it right this time

One day I will finally take a stand
forcing you to make me understand
because it freaks me out, it freaks me out
that you’re all that I can think about
why don't you leave my heart alone?

and oh I tried so hard to make you mine
and I really thought I got it right this time