My thoughts on OCREC

I’ve been following the discussion sparked by last weekend’s OCREC for a while now and figured it was time to put my »

OCRWC and beyond

The past couple of days it has started to dawn on me that very shortly I will be flying to Cincinatti to compete in the 2015 »

My Toughest 24 hours

“I see you, Swagman!”, an encouraging voice shouts from the other side of the Platinum Rig. Good. That means I’m still here, I’m still »

Everything I tell you is wrong

Woah, it’s been way too long since I’ve written something. A small summary of the past month: I got a crossXvest, ran »

Hypothermia and sponsors

The two subjects in the header maybe deserve two different posts, but it’s just an overview of the events this week, so it’ »

Beat yourself

This week, at the SRXP team day, I was asked about my motto. Now generally, I posess what I like to call a profound hatred of »

Strong Viking Mud Edition

Today was my first race since I qualified for the world championships three weeks ago. And not just a race: Strong Viking! Strong Viking is one »

Road to the OCR World Cup

As some of you may know, I qualified for the OCR World Cup earlier this month, which will take place the 17th and 18th of October »

Using raw HTML in AsciiDoc

Now that I’m using HubPress for my blog, I have to work with AsciiDoc. Coming form MarkDown, I was used to just putting raw »

Ember.JS at SRXP

Last Wednesday I gave a short introductory talk about the Ember.JS app we have developed at SRXP. There wasn’t much in the talk »