Road to the OCR World Cup

As some of you may know, I qualified for the OCR World Cup earlier this month, which will take place the 17th and 18th of October »

Using raw HTML in AsciiDoc

Now that I’m using HubPress for my blog, I have to work with AsciiDoc. Coming form MarkDown, I was used to just putting raw »

Ember.JS at SRXP

Last Wednesday I gave a short introductory talk about the Ember.JS app we have developed at SRXP. There wasn’t much in the talk »

Metaphoric using HubPress

After running a homemade static CMS system for a while, I found that the threshold for adding blog posts using it was just slightly too high »

Death of an instance

For the past few days, the load balancing group of our Elastic Beanstalk test environment has been scaling up and down like crazy. As it would »

Mud Masters Haarlemmermeer 2015

After a tough race I became the winner of Mud Masters Haarlemmermeer 2015 last Saturday, qualifying for the World Cup in the US in October this »

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Iron Viking

Last saturday I ran the Iron Viking, a 42km obstacle run, managing to reach the finish first :). Guess it’s safe to say my knee »

Query parameters talk slides

Yesterday, I gave a talk about Query Parameters at the Amsterdam Ember.js meetup. You can find the slides I used here. It was a great »

Back to school!

This week I started my master’s in Computational Science at the University of Amsterdam. It’s been two years and a half since »

Ember.js query parameters

Today I finished the first implementation of a workaround for something that has been bothering me for quite a while: the absence of query parameters in »