Everything I tell you is wrong

Posted by on June 02, 2015 · 3 mins read

Woah, it’s been way too long since I’ve written something. A small summary of the past month: I got a crossXvest, ran Stormloop and Breakout Run for fun, finished second at Strong Viking Hills Edition (beaten by the same lightning fast Belgian guy who got me at SV Mud). Also booked tickets to run Toughest 24h at the end of this month with three other #Swagmen which is going to be wicked.

The reason I haven’t written much is partly because I’ve been busy with training, working and university stuff, but also because I’m not entirely sure what I want to be writing about. My last few posts were mostly summaries of some kind, race reviews etc. I’m not really interested in writing those. This is not my diary or anything. Rather I’d focus on the slightly more fundamental things: thoughts about food and training on one end of the spectrum, and technical articles on the other end. Technical posts should be the easiest to write for me, but these take a lot of time, and so much subjects need so much background in order to be interesting, which is why I can’t actually get myself to write a lot of those.

Posts in the former category are hard to write for other reasons. First of all, I lack any formal education in either of those subjects. I have read a lot of things and I have gathered some personal experience, but in no way am I an authority on anything. In addition, those subjects are, scientifically speaking, very hard anyway due to the nature of the studied problems (case in point: "in addition to the group that worked out for 20 minutes, there was a control group, which was given a sugar pill"). A lot of conclusions have therefore been derived from epidemiological research, which means they are usually flawed in one way or another. Then there’s the fact that what works for Alice might not work for Bob (or for Alan if we’re comparing males)…​.

This brings me to the title of this post. I figured before I’d start writing any such posts, I’d write a disclaimer post. The takeaway from this post is in the title. When I share with you information about how I train, what I eat and the motivation behind it, I am going to be wrong. Depending on the situation I might be more or less wrong than what other people are doing or saying, but I will be wrong either way. My goal is not to tell anyone what to do or what is right, rather my goal is to tell you what I do, what seems to work for me, and in that perhaps suggest things to try. If other people want to share other things to try, then I very much appreciate that. Let’s then hope we all find a strategy that works best, for ourselves.

Ok, now that’s settled…​ let’s see how long it will take me to write my next post ;).